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2012 TOC Team - Reuben A. Lack & Anushka Panday (2 TOC bids - NYC Invitational at Big Bronx and UGA)

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Novice/JV State '12

1st Novice Speaker 2nd Place Novice

Carrollton '11
1st Place Varsity
1st Place Jr. Varsity


1st Place Varsity '11

1st Place JV '11


Houston County '11

1st Place Novice

1st Novice Speaker

1st JV Speaker

Johns Creek '11
Gladiator Debates

1st Place

1st Speaker


  Chattahoochee '11
Cougar Classic

1st Place JV
1st Place Novice


2010 Grady

1st Place
1st Speaker


2010 Westminster
1st Place Novice
1st Speaker

2010 GHSA
State Championships

2nd Place

2010 GFCA
State Championships

2nd Place

2010 All State

2nd Place


Ricardo Saenz & Neil Sethi Co-Champions

Chattahoochee '09
Cougar Classic

1st Place

*** Tournament News ***

Univeristy of Georgia

2013-3-02 18:00:00 GMT-05:00


Ohio Valley - University of Kentucky
Tucker & Chris Get TOC Bid

Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxely have achieved their goal at Ohio Valley and received their first TOC bid - the fourth in Raider Debate history. They will compete in the Varisty Quarterfinals in the morning. Congratulations to Tucker & Chris as well as the entire RaiderDebate team, It could not happen without all of the group effort, scouting, mentoring and more!

Ohio Valley Tournament Scoreboard

University of Michigan
Tucker & Chris Finish as Triple Octafinalists

Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxely finished the preliminary rounds at the University of Michigan High School Debate Tournament with a solid 4-2 performance but lost their Triple Octa Final round on a 1-2 ballot.  Raider Debate sent three teams to Michigan. Our other two teams of Milli & Suraj and Kal & Kiyoshi both barely missed to cut off with strong 3-3 records at the most competitive tournament Raider Debate has ever attended... a total of 177 teams from 62 school and 16 satates.

University of Michigan High School Debate Tournament Scoreboard

Johns Creek Gladiator Debates
Tucker & Chris qualify for Varsity State

Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxely finished as Semifinalists at Johns Creek's Gladiator Debate Tournament. They went 4-1 in the prelims and then won their quarterfinal round to qualify for a bid to the Varsity State Tournement. Tucker was also awared 4th Spekaer. Congratulations!

The team of  Priyanka Ghosh & Ji-Yeon Hyun also went 4-1 in the prelims and broke but finished as Quarter Finalists. Additionally, the team of Jatin Nanda & Kal Thakore also finished 4-1 in the prelims but did not break due to points. All great jobs!

Johns Creek Scoreboard

Alumni Update: Kentucky
Two Raider Debate Alumns Compete

Reuben Lack (Emory '16) and his former partner Anushka Panday (UGA '16) competed last weekend at Kentucky aka Ohio Valley II. There were over 141 teams from colleges and universities from around the country competing. Reuben went 5-3 and barely missed breaking on points. The last report I have on Anushka, she was 3-4 going into her final round. Keep making the Raider Debate family proud!

Chattahoochee Cougar Classic
Three Varsity Teams Finish as Octafinalists

Three Varsity teams broke at Chattahoochees first TOC bid tournament but all three failed to progress passed the Octafinal round. The team of Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxley was seeded 4th with a 5-1 record. Ji-yeon Hyn & Kal Thaokore and Aditya Sood & Alan Hesu finished their prelims with 4-2 records. Congrats on breaking at a TOC tournament. That a huge accomplishment!

In the JV Division, the team of Brian Cai & Torus Lu finished their prelims with a 4-2 record to be the 3rd seed but they, too, drop their first elimination round and finished as quarterfinalists. Nice job!

In the Novice Division, Tanuja Anne & Catherine Williams went 3-2 and won the Octa Final Round. We still have no idea how they did in their Quartfinal round. Stay tuned! Tanuka was also awared 14th Speaker. Congratulations.

Chattahoochee Cougar Classic Scoreboard

Alumni Update: Georgia State
Four Raider Debate Alums Compete

Raider Debaters do not end their debate careers in high school. Some continue to compete at the collegiate level. This weekend four Raider Debate alums competed in the Georgia State National College Debate Tournament - the first major tournament of the year bringing nearly 100 teams into Atlanta. These former AHS students will also be accompanying our AHS team to numerous tournaments this year as judges and mentors. Reuben Lack ('12) and Neil Sethi ('10) are competing for Emory; Ricardo Saenz ('11) is competing for Georgia Tech; and Anushka Panday ('12) is competing for Georgia. College rules are only slightly different than high school. In college debate, teams get an extra minute in both constructive and rebuttals (9 and 6) as well as ten minutes for prepl. Cross-X remains only 3 minutes.


While Reuben and Anushka both went into the final round with a chance to break, both dropped the last round and finished 4-4. Neil and Ricardo both finished 3-5. Great job Raider Alums!

GSU National College Debate Tournament Scoreboard

Wake Forest University Tournament
Three Varsity Teams Finish as Double Octofinalists

One JV Team Finishes as Quarterfinalist

Raider Debate made its presense known at Wake Forest with three Varsity teams breaking - a record for RaiderDebate! The teams of Alan & Aditya (5-1), Tucker & Chris (4-2) and Milli & Suraj (4-2) all broke and then dropped their first break round finishing as Double Octa Finalists. The JV team of Priya & Rahul broke and finished as Quarterfinalists.Great job teams!

Wake Forest National Earlybird Tournament Scoreaboard

Johns Creek Novice Tournament
All teams win at least one round - one team goes 4-0.

The 2012-2013 Debate Season kicked off with the one day first year Novice Tournament at Johns Creek last Saturday and it was a wonderful successEvery team was able to win at least a single round. While this was not as serious a tournament as later tournaments this year will be, winning even a single round helps everyone get excited to improve.

The team of Daniel Linkahl & Chris Shifrin went 4-0 and were 3rd seed. Chris was also 14th speaker. Three additional teams went 3-1, two teams went 3-3 and three teams went 1-3. Vaibhav Kumar was awarded 18th Speaker. Great job to all of the Raider Debate Novices!

The next tournament for Novices, will be Chattahoochee later this month. The next tournament for JV and Varsity will be this weekend at Wake Forest University.

Johns Creek One Day Novice Tournament Scoreboard

Summer Debate Camp Tournaments
Tucker & James Win Both Emory Summer Tournaments

Raider debaters at Emory University's National Debate Institute (ENDI) have already shown they are ready to make 2012-2013 a good one. Rising seniors and 4th year debaters Tucker Boyce & James Pitman defeated rising sophomore and 2nd year debater Kiyoshi Wollheater and his parter (not a Raider Debater) in the finals of the 6 week ENDI Tournament Finals. Tucker & James were top seed with a 6-0 record while Kiyoshi & partner were 2nd seed. Kiyoshi's oly losses were to Tucker & James. Other Raider Debaters also performed well including Ryan Hulett, Nicole Moxley, and Sahana Suhandra. Way to make the most of the summer!

Tucker & James teamed up for the two week ENDI Tournament earlier in the summer and went 6-0 to be named top team. Kiyoshi & partner went 4-2 (losing one round again to Tucker & James). Tucker was named 2nd Speaker and Kiyoshi was named 3rd Speaker. Nice job!

As we get news about other camp tournaments from around the country, we will continue to report on our Raider Debaters progress. There will not, however, be any scoreboards for these tournaments given their informal nature.

** Major Accomplishments 2012-2013 **

Ohio Valley Debate Tournaments

Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxley awarded Quarter Finalists and receive TOC Bid
Tucker Boyce named 7th Speaker in Varsity Division
Catherine Williams named Top Speaker in Novice Division


University of Michgan High School Debate Tournaments

Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxley finish as triple octa finalists


Johns Creek Gladiator Debates

Tucker Boyce & Chris Moxley named Varsity semifinalists and receive State Bid


Wake Forest University National Earlybird Tournament
Three Varsity teams finish as double octafinalists


Chattahoochee Cougar Classic
Three Varsity teams finish as octafinalists


** Major Accomplishments 2011-2012 **

New York Invitational (Big Bronx)

Reuben Lack & Anushka Panday awarded Semifinalists Trophy and receive TOC Bid
Anushka Panday awarded 9th Speaker in the Varsity Division


Northview Titan Tournament

Reuben Lack & Anushka Panday named Varsity Co-Champions and receive State Bid

Kiyoshi Woolheater & Jatin Nanday named Jr. Varsity Co-Champions

Carrollton Peach State Classic

Naveena Karusala & Kal Thakore, Priyanka Juneja & Suraj Sehgal, and
Priyanka Ghosh & Ji-Yeon Hyun all named Varsity Co-Champions & Receive State Bid

Ohio Valley
Reuben Lack & Anushka Panday break to Varsity Doubles
Alan Hesu & Aditya Sood win Novice Division

Novice & JV State Championships
Alan Hesu & Aditya Sood reach Novice Finals
Alan Hesu awarded 1st Novice Speaker


University of Georgia Bulldog Debates

Reuben Lack & Anushka Panday awarded Semifinalists Trophy and receive TOC Bid


National Varsity Championships - Tournament of Champions (TOC)

Reuben Lack & Anushka Panday make first appearance at TOC for RaiderDebate and win three rounds


2013 TOC Team

Tucker Boyce
Chris Moxley

2012 TOC Team

Reuben Lack

Anushka Panday

Samford Univ. '12
  TOC Bid

U. of Kentucky '12

Ohio Valley National


2012 Woodward

1st/2nd Yr Nationals

2nd Place Novice

U. of Georgia '12

Bulldog Debates




U. of Kentucky '11

Ohio Valley National

1st Place Novice

NY Invitational '11

Big Bronx



U. of Kentucky '10

Ohio Valley National


Tucker Boyce & James Pittman 1st Place

Wake Forest U. '10
National Earlybird

1st Place
1st Speaker

2010 UGA

Bulldog Debates

Octo Finalist

Reuben Lack & Neil Chaudhary 1st Place

Wake Forest U. '09
National Earlybird

1st Place

Carrollton '08

Peach State Classic
1st Place


U. of Kentucky '08

Ohio Valley National



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